My primary areas of philosophical interest are practical aesthetics (particularly in applied areas of animal ethics), metaethics and moral psychology (and related questions in the philosophy of mind/cognitive science), the philosophy of religion, and Aristotle:

Practical Aesthetics

Rather than segregating aesthetic questions of beauty and art to the periphery of the conversation, Practical Aesthetics seeks to explore classical questions in aesthetics with an eye for their potential applications to other traditional areas of philosophical concern such as ethics, moral psychology, and the philosophy of religion; to date, my work demonstrates this in my development of an aesthetically-grounded argument for veganism (that also adapts principles from Aristotle, cognitive science, and emotion theory), an aesthetic model of the phenomenology of forgiveness practices, and a revitalization of Augustine’s aesthetic theodicy, among other projects. I am also interested in questions about truth-makers in fiction, aesthetic normativity, detection problems (in metaethics), existentialist approaches to stories (including film) as pedagogical devices, and the work of Ricoeur, Merleau-Ponty, and Kierkegaard.

Philosophy of Religion

In addition to my work on the problem of evil, I have also written on theological defenses of animal welfare, as well as on questions of apologetic method. My most recent research program has focused on the philosophy of death and the afterlife to explore the possibility of a phenomenological ontology of eternity (wherein Heaven and Hell are identical in essence but experienced differently by the blessed and the reprobate).

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